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News » Chat transcript: Dick Stockton on May 7, 2009

Chat transcript: Dick Stockton on May 7, 2009

Chat transcript: Dick Stockton on May 7, 2009
2:13 Hi, everyone -- and thanks for coming! Dick Stockton will be joining us in the chat room in about 15 minutes. Please feel free to submit your questions while we're waiting for him to join. He's willing to address any topic you like, from the breaking news about Manny to the Yankees as a team and beyond, so ask away!

2:26 I'm here. I will say the Manny Ramirez story is a blockbuster -- and totally unexpected. A huge pin in the balloon for the Dodgers who just last night won their 13th straight home game without a defeat.

2:26 AP: Manny suspended 50 games for positive PED test

2:27 Looks like the Yankees get A-Rod back Friday night ...

2:28 I see where Brett Favre is staying retired ... there's a report. We all thought the Brett Favre story woudl go away.

2:28 [Comment From DodgersFan ] Hey Dick, what do you think will happen to the Dodgers while Manny's out? Will they fall out of first?

2:28 I don't think they will fall out of first place.

2:29 While Manny has been a great boon to them on the field and off the field, I think the Dodgers have a strong team up and down the lineup. Their young players have come through ...

2:29 Hey, the Red Sox arrived!

2:30 [Comment From Scott ] I think Manny dropped the appeal because he received this substance from a doctor that is not licensed with Major League Baseball. Why would you go to a different doctor when MLB baseball supplies some of the best physicians in the country?

2:30 Why does anyone not follow the rules of the game?

2:30 You tell me. Obviously, it appears that Manny tried to get one by.

2:30 Talk about Manny on message boards

2:31 [Comment From Bonds lover ] Mr. Stockton, do you think somewhere in the Bay area Barry Bonds is thinking to himself, "See, told ya so!" after being made out to be the sport's only bad guy and devil for so long?

2:31 I think he has a smile on his face right now. The main problem with Barry Bonds is that he presumably lied to a grand jury. That's a different set of circumstances.

2:31 POLL: Do you believe Manny Ramirez's explanation?

Yes ( 25% )

No ( 50% )

I need more information ( 25% )

2:32 [Comment From Guest ] How good do you believe Evan Longoria of the Rays can be?

2:32 I think he is the new star of the AL without question. We saw it last year, rookie of the year. He's picking up where he left off. The sky's the limit.

2:32 Player Page: Manny Ramirez

2:32 [Comment From Wiffleball ] Do you agree with Manny's suspension? 50 games is pretty harsh.

2:33 No, I credit MLB with their zero tolerance policy. Everyone criticized them for events of the past. It is apparent they are telling players, "Don't break the rules." 50 games sends a strong message, especially when it involves a super star.

2:33 [Comment From Marty Matthews ] Dick -- What's your favorite sport to broadcast?

2:33 I'm asked that all the time. I'm fortunate enough to do postseason games in 3 major sports. I love them all for different reasons.

2:34 MLB on FOX on Twitter

2:34 [Comment From curious fan ] Is there another player in MLB who means more to their team than Manny means to the Dodgers? What qualities do you look for in measuring that intangible value.

2:35 Well, the best quality a player can have is to be an outstanding threat on the field. But also a solid citizen off the field. Albert Puols fits the bill as well as anyone in baseball today.

2:35 [Comment From Chad ] Who is your best 3rd baseman in the AL?

2:35 POLL: Who will win the AL East?

Blue Jays ( 33% )

Orioles ( 0% )

Rays ( 17% )

Red Sox ( 33% )

Yankees ( 17% )

2:35 Defensively, or all around?

2:35 [Comment From Chad ] Who's your pick to win the AL east?

2:35 The Red Sox.

2:36 I think the Red Sox, when their pitching staff is healthy and rounds out, will be the best. Their bullpen is fantastic. One of the great closers and they get plate production up and down the batting order at different times.

2:37 McAdam: ed Sox clearly better than Yanks

2:37 [Comment From Joe ] What's up with the Mets? You'd think that after the last 2 years and FINALLY solving the pen issues, they'd have charged out of the gates this year... Is there a ticker problem in that dugout or what?

2:38 I believe there is. I just think there are some teams that have phenomenal talent -- and the Mets are one of those -- but there's a problem with chemistry, desire, and sense of purpose that I think eventually catches up with this team. It's never only about talent.

2:38 MLB Standings

2:38 [Comment From Scott ] Dick, with Joba Chamberlain's dominating pitching performance with 12 stikeouts in his last game, do you think his role as starting pitcher will continue, even with the shaky Yankee bullpen?

2:38 I think, and many experts that I speak with, that Joba Chamberlain should be in the Yankee bullpen. And I think he will be there before long.

2:39 [Comment From FoxRocks ] Hey Dick, do you like calling baseball games more than you like doing football? You can't, right?

2:39 Baseball was my first love.

2:39 I grew up on the sport, with the Giants before they moved to San Francisco.

2:39 I will always love baseball. It is the most fun sport to broadcast.

2:39 Football is the most compelling sport. Every game is Armageddon.

2:40 They're both different and both great.

2:40 [Comment From Jesse ] what do you think of the blue jays?

2:40 You knew sooner or later the Blue Jays were going to be a contender. They've had some tough injuries in recent years.

2:40 They're more balanced now. And as long as they have Halliday and stay healthy, they will be contenders.

2:41 [Comment From Chad ] Best 3rd baseman all around?

2:41 Thanks, Chad, for coming back with that. Alex Rodriguez has been still one of the great players in baseball. Longoria is the next great one.

2:42 [Comment From curious fan ] When Boston fans see you in the airport, do they do your Carlton Fisk call -- "There it goes a long drive, if it stays fair ... Home run!"

2:42 Many of them do, but they start out by waving their arms, keeping the ball fair. LOL.

2:42 [Comment From Scott ] Dick, I must say whatever sport you call, you do a great job.

2:42 [Comment From Buy Gold ] Dick, what's the biggest sporting event you've ever announced?

2:43 Well, my number one thrill is still calling Carlton Fisk's homerun in the 1975 World Series. It happened many, many years ago, I've had many moments since, but it's still number one.

2:43 [Comment From Robert ] Is Lebron after all is said and done going to be the best ever in NBA history?

2:44 People always said there'd never be another Michael Jordan. But along comes LeBron. In many respects, he's a better player. They'll be a better player than LeBron James someday. But right now, LeBron is something special, as a player, and as a man. And he's only 24.

2:45 [Comment From NY fan ] Dick, you're my favorite announcer. No nonsense and stupid lines. You just call the games. Who's the best color guy you've ever worked with.

2:46 I have too many to pick one out. But in baseball, Tim McCarver and Jim Kaat. In basketball, Hubie Brown. And in football, Dan Dierdorf.

2:47 [Comment From Spencer ] Dick, when are you going to retire? No offense but you messed up during the Cubs/Dodgers series last postseason.

2:47 Not last year I didn't. During the year, there might've been a couple of names that got messed up. It happens to everyone. But Cubs fans are obviously upset that they don't win when I broadcast. I don't have control over how they play. But as far as retiring, the people who hire me have signed me to long-term contracts in three sports. There's your answer.

2:48 Hey, want to talk about all the money the Yankees spent in the offseason? People are still waiting for some evidence that it will pay off. But I think Joe Girardi is a good manager.

2:49 I'm delighted that Kansas City has turned things around so far this year. And Texas too.

2:49 [Comment From EMNYC ] Dick, what's it like having your wife in the same business?

2:50 It's terrific. She's talented, a great pioneer. And she knows the game. So when we talk or watch sports, it's enjoyable.

2:50 [Comment From NY fan ] Hey Dick, can you tell the fans out there how long the season is and that the Yankees will be back?

2:51 Oh, the Yankees are going to be heard from. There's no question about it. They have a lot of players on the field: Nady, A-Rod (who will be back), etc. They've paid the money for them to win a championship -- they may not do that, but they'll be a factor.

2:52 [Comment From Scott ] I agree Dick that Girardi is a good manager, and the Yankees are known for their slow starts, A-Rod coming back Friday, and let's see if Texiera gets in the groove, things can turn around.

2:52 I think there's no question about it. I will say that you really can't judge a team until at least 40 games into the season.

2:53 POLL: How many think the Yankees will win the World Series?

World Series champs ( 14% )

In the game ( 29% )

No way ( 57% )

2:53 [Comment From HENRY ] Which manager has the edge this weekend in Boston...Francona or Maddon?

2:53 I don't think it has anything to do with a manager's edge. They're both at the top of their game. It's about pitching.

2:54 [Comment From BobbyV ] Is Bobby Valentine going to be managing in the majors again? As in this season? As in with the Yankees?

2:55 No. Joe Girardi is going to be their manager throughout the season. It really never helps a team to change managers mid-stream. It's not Girardi's fault that the Yankees are one game under .500. I will say they have to make a substantial run, or else Yankee management could have to say, "We have to show the fans we are diligent."

2:55 [Comment From justsomeguy ] Do you think this Manny nonsense takes any pressure off of A-Rod?

2:55 White House: Ramirez' case embarrassing for MLB

2:56 No, I think it's apples and oranges. As far as A-Rod is concerned, he's living in his own world of problems. Two different leagues, but now you have two superstars who are in a spotlight that neither one of them enjoys.

2:56 POLL: Have allegations in Selena Roberts' new book changed your opinion of A-Rod?

Yes, I'm starting to feel sorry for him ( 60% )

Yes, he didn't tell the whole truth ( 20% )

No, he's still who I thought he was ( 20% )

2:56 [Comment From Yandwa ] Why can't the Mets hit when Santana is pitching? And what's wrong with David Wright this season?

2:57 David Wright will snap out of it. I think he's one of the best players in the NL. Just as Upton will snap out of his problems in Tampa Bay. Sometimes it is just coincidence that outstanding pitchers seem to be involved in games where they have to pitch shutouts or one-run games.

2:57 [Comment From justsomeguy ] Which is the better arena? Boston Gahden or the new place?

2:58 At least "the new place" is air-conditioned. LOL.

2:58 But the charm of Boston Garden will never be replaced.

2:58 [Comment From Alissa ] What sporting event would you most like to broadcast that you haven't?

2:59 There is none. I have broadcast a World Series, many NBA finals, Olympics, world broadcasts of the Super Bowl, hosted the great NCAA championship when Villanova beat Georgetown ... so there is not one. But I still love just doing a game.

2:59 [Comment From KC Masterpeace ] Dick are you looking forward to covering Zack Greinke some day?

3:00 Yes! I hope that Kansas City that somehow, if they stay up there, can make it on the FOX baseball schedule and I'm fortunate enough to do that game and he happens to be pitching that day.

3:00 Rosenthal: 2 father figures play big role in Greinke's success

3:00 [Comment From Jon ] Do you think this steroid drama sends a loud and clear message to the minor leaguers out there? Do you think the steroid era will ever end?

3:01 It has to. And I think it is ending. It is a problem in some form or another in every sport. Every sport is taking care of it. The Manny story is shocking. I would say that 95% of the players in MLB are smart enough now to know there is no light at the end of the tunnel for breaking these rules.

3:01 Rosenthal: Can't blame positive test on Manny being Manny

3:01 [Comment From HowieNYY ] How about the charm of Yankee Stadium? Is Wrigley the next to go?

3:01 I don't think so.

3:02 And I don't think Fenway Park is either.

3:02 As long as they can still prop those ballparks up, they will be standing.

3:02 Of course, maybe in 50 years, I'll be proven wrong! But I hope not.

3:02 [Comment From Chad ] Do you feel that if the Rays make the playoffs this year, Evan Longoria should be AL MVP? Because really where would they be without him?

3:03 I think it's too early to talk MVP. Longoria obviously is one to watch.

3:03 POLL: Is Longoria MVP material?

Yes ( 75% )

No ( 0% )

Jury's out ( 25% )

3:03 It seems he will be in the top 3 regardless.

3:04 [Comment From PhillyFan ] What do you think of Charlie Manuel & the Phillies repeating this year? Possible?

3:04 More than possible.

3:04 The Phillies are world champions.

3:04 And they have that assurance when they take the field every day.

3:04 As far as Manuel is concerned, I don't know if there is a manager who can create a cohesive atmosphere among the Mets.

3:05 [Comment From Park Ave. ] What's your favorite baseball stadium?

3:05 Wrigley Field and Fenway Park.

3:05 POLL: Favorite baseball stadium?

Wrigley Field ( 50% )

Fenway Park ( 50% )

3:05 [Comment From eric ] The Yankees haven't won in eight years. Do you think their idea of spending BIG money to bring in highly talented players needs to change?

3:05 I thought it had changed.

3:07 I don't think you can buy a championship. If you need one player to be the final piece of a puzzle, I can understand it. If you don't have a farm system -- the players coming up together, who have grown up together, and have gone through a 162 game schedule and all that entails -- it is difficult to win. Just look at Tampa Bay, the Red Sox, the Angels in the AL, the Phillies, Cardinals, and Dodgers in the NL, and you see the difference.

3:07 MLB Standings

3:07 [Comment From Chad ] I know steroids takes a lot of media focus but why can't they shift their focus to "clean" players like Chipper Jones and Derek Jeter?

3:09 I think they do. When the story comes out about players on steroids, they make headlines. But when you look at the fans who go to games and the interest in baseball, the players who really draw the great support are the ones you mentioned. Fans don't talk about steroids, they're not happy about them, but when they go to the ballpark and see Chipper Jones, Jeter, Pujols and the like, they love baseball.

3:10 [Comment From Whos clean? ] Isn't it hard to call anybody clean anymore? Dick, do you have any confidence calling somebody clean on the air? I don't see how you could.

3:10 Are there clean players now in baseball?

Yes ( 67% )

No ( 33% )

I'm really not sure ( 0% )

3:10 I just feel that the problems that the people like Manny Ramirez have are not prevalant in MLB.

3:11 Society has similar problems with people who are trying to break the rules, like some athletes are.

3:11 But I truly believe in my heart that they are such a minority that they can never drag down sports.

3:11 [Comment From Ivan ] Do you think Manny deserves to be part of the All-Star game?

3:11 Video: FOX Wire daily sports update

3:12 No way. Missing 50 games when the game is played in mid-July is a pretty hefty chunk out of the first half schedule.

3:12 I think the spector of what Manny Ramirez has alledgedly done has put a major damper on his appeal.

3:13 [Comment From Richie ] Back to there a young broadcaster out there that reminds you of yourself when you were his/her age? Who is the best up and comer?

3:14 I can't identify that, but I will say that Joe Buck is the finest broadcaster who has come along at his age. Now he has been around for a while now, but I have been amazed -- having been around a long time myself -- how good Joe was, is, and continues to be.

3:14 [Comment From Disgusted ] Dick, you've been around long enough to know this era is tainted. Doesn't it bother you?

3:15 I honestly believe that other than Manny, the tainted era has passed.

3:15 And many of the players tarnished from years ago might have been as a result of the rules not being as definitive as they are now.

3:15 That's my honest opinion.

3:15 [Comment From Chad ] Will steroids ever be out of baseball? And if so what do you think it would take to make it that way?

3:16 Yeah. 50 game suspensions for the highest ranked superstars has to be a message -- to minor leaguers and major leaguers, who have to know that they will be tested and if they break the rules, caught -- and their careers may be over.

3:17 [Comment From GeorgeNYY ] What do you think about all the empty seats at Yankee Stadium? They just 'cut' the price but it's still wayyy too much...what would you do if you were the Yankees?

3:17 I'm not going to get into that.

3:17 They have to do something, because it looks pretty bad.

3:18 [Comment From Eric ] But it hasn't...they've spent a lot of money in the off-season and have seemed to have gotten nowhere with big players like A-Rod...

3:19 We don't know yet whether the Yankees have or have not improved with their offseason dealings. I think they have improved. But the goal was to win a world championship, something the Yankees haven't done in a while. Does anyone really think the Yankees are a world championship team now?

3:19 We only have time for one or two more questions here ...

3:19 [Comment From Jay ] Are you looking forward to the All-Star game being in St. Louis this year? Lots of baseball history there...

3:21 A phenomenal All-Star Game setting The fact that they haven't had an All-Star Game in St. Louis since it was held in the old Busch Stadium ... Chicago is a great baseball town, as is Boston, and several others. But there is nothing more impressive than the fan base of the St. Louis Cardinals throughout the Midwest and beyond -- you see it in Jupiter, Florida, in spring training, and you see it in St. Louis during the summer. It is truly what baseball is all about.

3:21 [Comment From Chad ] Best division in baseball?

3:22 AL East.

3:22 Now it may be 4 teams out of 5, contenders.

3:22 4 teams out of 5 strong winning teams ...

3:23 [Comment From fan ] You think the blue jays are for real this season?

3:23 Yes, I think they are going to be in the mix with the Red Sox, Yankees, and Rays.

3:23 [Comment From Chad ] World series pick before you go?

3:23 Dodgers and Red Sox.

3:24 MLB Power Rankings

3:24 That's all the time we have.

3:24 It was fun to talk baseball and other things.

3:25 With all of you.

3:25 I hope we can do it again sometime. Thank you for being fans.

3:25 [Comment From Chad ] thanks for your time

3:25 My pleasure.

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