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News » Chat transcript: Chris Rose on April 30, 2009

Chat transcript: Chris Rose on April 30, 2009

Chat transcript: Chris Rose on April 30, 2009
1:54 Hello everybody. Chris Rose will be with us momentarily. Please feel free to start asking questions now.

2:01 OK, Chris Rose has joined us and he'll begin fielding questions now.

2:01 Chris Rose: Hey everyone...sorry I'm a few minutes late. Let's get away, anything goes. Almost anything.

2:01 Marty asks: Scott Baker and Francisco Liriano are a combined 0-7 so far. Should the Twins be worried?

2:02 Latest MLB standings

2:03 Chris Rose: Marty. I'm not THAT concerned about Baker. He's been very consistent for Gardie the last few fact, the most consistent guy on what I believe to be the best starting staff in the AL Central. Liriano you never know.

2:03 J. Girardi asks: Hey Chris, what should the Yanks do with Joba when Chien-Ming Wang comes back? Bullpen? Keep him as a starter? Send Phil Hughes back down?

2:04 Chris Rose: J. Giradi (very funny by the way), I'm all for Joba staying in the rotation. Stop screwing with the kid already. Make him a starter, and keep him there. By the way, I don't think Wang will be back for awhile...he's still not right after last year's hoof injury.

2:04 MLB fan asks: Which city has the most annoying fans? It's gotta be Boston or Philly, right?

2:05 Chris Rose: MLB fan...are you trying to get my ASS kicked? I was just at Fenway last Saturday, and guess where I'll be this week? Yup, Cheesesteak central. I refuse to answer based on the fact it may lead to bodily harm.

2:06 Jason from KC asks: Zack Greinke. Fluke or real deal?

2:07 Chris Rose: Jason: real deal. I've watched 3 of his starts. He's nasty. Also read the SI article on him this morning. Anxiety disorder, left baseball, kind of a loner, but I'll take him on my squad anytime.

2:07 Guest asks: Who would you rather have batting leadoff for you? Jose Reyes, Ian Kinsler or Grady Sizemore?

2:09 Chris Rose: I'll take Reyes batting leadoff ( I love speed on base...pitchers pay WAY too much attention to guys over there). Then Kinsler 2nd, Sizemore 3rd. And let me hit Pujols 4th...can I keep building this team, it's kinda fun.

2:09 MLB fan asks: Do you have a favorite team? Or does being in sports media sort of dampen your "fandom"?

2:09 POLL: Who will win the NL East?

Phillies ( 45% )

Marlins ( 36% )

Mets ( 18% )

Braves ( 0% )

Nationals ( 0% )

2:10 Chris Rose: MLB Fan: Some crusty old guys in the media lost their love of sports a long time ago. I'm STILL a diehard Tribe, Browns and CAVS fan. During taping of BDSSP, I actually watch a game behind my camera while we're rolling.

2:10 Mr. Met asks: I can't decide if I would rather my team be bad the whole year or suffer through another September debacle. How do you think the Mets will fare this season?

2:11 Chris Rose: Mr. Met...take it from a Cleveland fan who's Indians sucked in the 80' want to at least have interest after July, even if it leads to another tough Sept. Sorry to say this year, I don't think you'll have to worry much. I like the Phils, then the Marlins.

2:11 Cesar asks: Why is that lady attacking A-Rod so much, does she likes him or something out of all the mlb players was a-rod the only one doing steroids? nooo.. Is she like planning on destroying his career..

2:13 Chris Rose: Cesar: Selena Roberts is her name. Let's remember, when you're writting a book, you try to sell to the biggest audience. Arod is the biggest name in the game. I don't think writting about Matt Lawton (positive test a few years ago) would have sold many copies.

2:13 Go Tribe says: Hey Chris, pumped to read you're a Tribe fan! My level of respect for you just skyrocketed. What's your take on Cliff Lee? How good will he be over the long hall? I'm worried last year was a fluke.

2:14 Latest MLB standings

2:14 Chris Rose: Go Tribe: Tough start for our boys this year, and it's not going to get much better. I have total confidence in Cliff. Let's remember, he won 18 games a few years before taking the Cy Young...anyone who calls him a one-hit wonder should start watching the food network instead

2:14 [Comment From Heineken_Michigan89] Former college hallmate (Rumsey) just wanted to say hi!

2:15 Chris Rose: Rumsey Hall was a great place. That's at the University of Michigan for those outside of Ann Arbor. Enjoyed my one year there before transfering to Miami (Oh)...was looking for a stronger football team.

2:15 C. Tevez asks: What's the best story of the early part of the season in your mind?

2:16 Chris Rose: C. Tevez: I think the Blue Jays. No one is talking about them, but they've got every starting pitcher hurt and they still lead the division. Can't figure out why Cito Gaston was on the sidelines for almost a decade...insane. Eh hoser.

2:17 NY Fan asks: Chris, what was your favorite baseball cameo in a Seinfeld episode? Keith Hernandez, Paul O'Neill, Danny Tartabull, or the Jeter/Bernie combo when George had figured out the physics of hitting?

2:18 Chris Rose: NY Fan: O'Neill hands down. "You promised him I'd hit 2 homeruns?" Classic. Anything involving Kramer and O'Neill is comedy gold...those 2 should have a sitcom after 2 1/2 men. "Men".

2:18 Fernando asks: Hey Chris. which athlete is the most fun behind the scenes? thanks!

2:19 MLB Power Rankings

2:19 Chris Rose:'s always fun hanging out with Marisa Miller. I had a chance to do some endorsement work with her. I wore a blindfold all day so I wouldn't get distracted.

2:19 Guest asks: Do you miss Best Damn?

2:21 Chris Rose: Guest: Apparently you do. We're still on with a new episode every Tuesday night. On the other evenings, we run Top 50 shows. Can't wait for "Top 50 stupidest things my bosses at Fox Network have done". #1..."The Littlest Groom".

2:21 [Comment From Heineken_Michigan89] Congrats on your success, Chris! I know nobody else in the chat cares, nevertheless, can't believe someone I almost roomed with (if you wouldn't have transferred) is in the position you're in. Very jealous.....keep up the great work!!!

2:22 Chris Rose: Rumsey....thanks. Very lucky. This business is all about timing. I have a lot of pictures of my bosses in compromising positions.

2:22 E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles asks: Chris, can't wait to have you in Philly this weekend. What's your No. 1 cheesesteak spot? Pats? Genos? Jims? Larrys? Somewhere else?

2:23 Chris Rose: Eagles....hard to believe, but I haven't been to Philly since I was 13!!! I know...ridiculous. I will have to sample 1 from each in the 36 hours I'm there. I'm taking Beta Blockers ahead of time.

2:23 Marshall asks: What's your favorite city to party in when you're on the road? If you can't answer that, what's your favorite ballpark?

2:25 Chris Rose: wife is standing over my shoulder...this could cost my half of my portfolio. A: South Beach (No Contest...Super Bowl XLI was nuts). B: Wrigley...everyone there is so cool.

2:25 Cesar asks: Mr. Rose, what do you think of Manny Ramirez? He's one of my all-time, very dangerous hitter. when he wants to play he give a 100%, but when he gets lazy is like he doesn't even care. How do you see him this season ?

2:26 Chris Rose: Cesar: call me Chris...we're friends now. Being an Indians fan, Manny is also one of my all-timers. I thought the way he left Boston was terrible...he was totally at fault, but I think he'll be fine in LA....there's plenty of freaks he can blend in with.

2:26 Jealous fan asks: Hey Chris, big fan. What's the worst/toughest part of your job? Is there one? Please say there is so I can feel better about myself!

2:27 Chris Rose: Jealous Fan...start hating job kicks ASS!!!! The toughest part is the travel and being away from the family. But there's nothing like hanging out with cool athletes or watching history unfold in front of your eyes. I'm very lucky.

2:28 Bob Miller asks: Are you Pete Rose's son?

2:28 [Comment From Dan] LOL

2:29 Chris Rose: Bob...nope, but I do have a brother named Pete....and he does a hell of a Pete Rose signature. I used to sell his autograph on the bus for $1 back in the early 80's. Not sure if I could get that much today.

2:29 Heineken_Michigan89 asks: Now that we have the nostaglia out of the way......what do you think of the Tigers? Think they can hang in a weak AL Cent and contend in September?

2:30 Chris Rose: the beginning of the season, the one team that I thought COULDN'T win the AL central was Detroit. Not enough starting pitching. I still feel that way. Watch, I'll be doing the ALCS from Comerica Park in Oct. Book it.

2:30 Max K. asks: How far do you think the cardinals can go this year?

2:31 Chris Rose: Max...I still think the Cubs have too much pitching and the wildcard will come from elsewhere....but behind the Jays, I think the Cards are the best story in baseball.

2:32 Fat Steve asks: You and Fox get one more crack at BCS coverage this season. Any changes or big surprises in store?

2:33 Chris Rose: Fat Steve....yes...we are going to hire Herbstreit, put mascot heads on JJ's dome and take our show on the road with the Home Depot set. Oh wait...that's already been done.

2:33 WinTwins asks: Do you think Mauer returning tomorrow will be the kick in the pants the Twins need to take control of the AL Central? Who do you see winning the division?

2:34 Chris Rose: WinTwins....I'm a HUGE Mauer fan. Not only does he give them a nasty stick in front of Morneau, he'll be a beast behind the plate if healthy. Gardie really loves his skills with handling the boys on the bump.

2:34 Frank Cheeseman asks: Is this the year the Pirates finally make a little noise?

2:35 Chris Rose: Frank Cheeseman...if you mean I can still hear them on the first of May, then mission accomplished. I'm afraid you might hit the MUTE button on them by June 1.

2:35 Kisses asks: I see Salley is joining the cast of "I'm a celebrity..." Are you going to be joining the reality TV circuit next?

2:36 POLL: Who's the best team in the NL?

Marlins ( 0% )

Dodgers ( 50% )

Mets ( 17% )

Phillies ( 17% )

Cubs ( 17% )

Cardinals ( 0% )

2:37 Chris Rose: Kisses....since the show is called, "I'm a celebrity"...I guess I'm out. And if it requires me to live with Sal in a house...that's a no go. He's always clippin' his nails on the set....nasty.

2:38 Stan Lewis asks: Do you think Kent Hrbek pulled Ron Gant off first base in Game 2 of the 1991 World Series, or was it, in fact, Gant's momentum?

2:38 Chris Rose: Stan...NFL offensive lineman have been called for holding while grabbing less jersey than Hrbek. I think the ump let him get away with it because his last name is vowel deficient.

2:39 Gossip Girl asks: Chris, me and my girlfriends refer to you as the better looking Ryan Seacrest. Any chance you take over as American Idol host?

2:39 [Comment From Heineken_Michigan89] Yeah.....we need to see you on Dancing with the Stars!!!

2:40 Chris Rose: Gossip Girl...thanks for the ego feed. I'm actually about 6 inches taller than Ryan (unless he's standing on his money, then I'm a foot shorter). I think Seacrest's job is safe. Rose out.

2:41 [Comment From Gossip Girl] Also, I can't believe you're married! That totally ruins my day!!

2:41 Dennis Ackerman asks: What's with the Raiders? Why are they so silly in the draft?

2:41 Chris Rose: Gossip Girl...if it ruined your day, think of how my wife feels.

2:43 Although this is supposed to be an MLB discussion, Chris is game to take questions regarding anything and everything.

2:43 Chris Rose: DA....I don't call taking an Ohio University safety, who didn't place on the all-Mac top 3 teams's inhumane!!! How could you do that to those animals in Oakland. On a positive will have the fasted 4x100 rookie team for the remake of superstars. Tell Celeste hi!!!

2:43 WinTwins asks: Do you think the Vikes will sign Brett Favre? I couldn't go through this whole thing without someone bringing him up!!!!!!

2:44 Chris Rose: WinTwins...why would you think of signing Brett Favre when you have Sage Rosenfels? Enough said. I believe he would be the 1st Sage to ever win a Super Bowl....but I could be wrong.

2:44 Jack Butler asks: Who'd win a fight between Scooter and Digger?

2:45 Chris Rose: Jack....unfair fight. Scooter has no arms.

2:45 Eddie asks: Are you working on any new shows for Fox or FSN that you can talk about?

2:45 [Comment From WinTwins] I hope so, but our new QB's name is Sagavaris!

2:46 Chris Rose: Eddie....if this is my agent...NO!!! There's no new commission coming your way. Actually, there might be a few things in the works....I'm Seacrest of Buck doesn't want something on Fox, maybe I can get the leftovers.

2:46 Artie Fufkin asks: when you are in the dugout do you get free sunflower seeds?

2:47 Chris Rose: Artie...first of all, love the last name. No sunflower seeds, but I get first dibs on the old gum that's been sitting under the bench in the dugout.

2:47 Jacques asks: jacoby ellsbury... money wise.. best center fielder in the league?

2:48 Chris Rose: Jacques....I'm go with Granderson or Sizemore...I know both guys make a lot more, but they are both very reasonable and they have a bit more pop...but I really like Ellsbury.

2:48 Cesar asks: Hey Chris!! that Albert Pujols, sure is one power hitter lol, you can just see it when he swings at that ball, what do you think ? oh and how do you think the season will go for Big Papii(David Ortiz) ?

2:48 POLL: Will Joe Girardi last as Yankees' manager the entire season?

Yes ( 80% )

No ( 20% )

2:50 Chris Rose: I told Dan Patrick last week, Pujols is BCW in "Bathroom Can Wait". He's a showstopper. Big Papi is still hurting....but I believe he will make it through the season and hit between 15-18 homers.

2:50 gigi asks: Who should I take in my celebrity death pool: Amy Winehouse, Dennis Rodman, or your cohort Tom Arnold?

2:51 Chris Rose: Gigi....I'll go off the board and say Artie Lange is moving up Mel Kiper's board in a hurry.

2:52 Miroslav asks: Who's the best fictional baseball player of all-time? I'd have to go with Willie Mays Hayes for his combination of speed, fielding and ability to leap over catchers.

2:52 We have time for only a couple more questions for Chris.

2:53 Chris Rose: Miroslav...not even the best Indian in that movie. Cerano, "hats for bats" smokin' a stogie in his jockstrap was hilarious. And I'll go with Bobby Savoy...he was the batboy in "The Natural"...saved the day by making Hobbs an extra stick...way to go kid!!

2:53 Richard asks: How concerned is Major League Baseball about the Washington Nationals? After two franchises that were not successful, the Natinals (sic) seem to be on the fast track to being baseball's weakest franchise. It took over a decade of horrible ownership to kill the Expos in Montreal. DC doesn't look interested in baseball to begin with.

2:54 Chris Rose: Richard...nice job in Natinals. I think that franchise is in deep S***. It was a joke that baseball ran that franchise, and now they're in a new, sweet park and no one gives a damn. That is a Redskins can't expect things to ever change there.

2:55 Guest asks: Which upstart AL team has the best chance of hanging in for the whole season -- the Jays, the Royals or the Mariners?

2:56 Chris Rose: Guest....I believe the Royals in part becuase of the division they play in. I think the Angels will get things straightened out in the AL West and the Jays pitching (although a great story so far), can't hack it for the long haul. Kauffman Stadium could be abuzz in October...warn the Fox execs now!!!

2:57 Chris Rose: Gang, gotta go...sorry. Thanks so much for making my first chat experience so fun. Really appreciate the good quesitons. Hopefully, we'll chat soon. Say hi if you are in Philly this weekend. All the best.

2:59 That concludes our chat. Thank you Chris, and thank you everybody for joining us. For the latest sports news stay logged onto

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Added: May 14, 2009

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